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No More Cutting Files

As of 26 June 2010, the website and webstore are closed. The previous blog links to cutting files are no longer valid. Please be patient as I go through and delete all the previous links. Thanks! ~Mary

army wife pink (ink attack)

July 8, 2010

Haven’t gotten a thing made – except for a bunch of messes!  Am covered down the left side of my body with hot pink ink.  Long story but hope it wears off by Sunday!  Some days I try to be creative and I end up with cool stuff to keep.  Some days not so much.  This is one of those days, lol.  Hubby gently suggested I put inks and refills and mini-misters away for tonight (he has to keep rescuing me from myself).  So, nothing to show or tell but at least my dog isn’t pink.  I don’t think….  Those mini-misters should come with a warning label for sillies like me!


cards made with scraps when I cleaned off my desk

July 6, 2010

All the papers, stamp, cardstock, ribbon, and embossed/diecut bfly from SU!  Am loving the Rich Razzleberry color.  So glad they kept it in this next year’s catalog!

My fabulous SU! demo always gives us little goody boxes when we receive our order.  I confiscated this scrap of ribbon from one and remembered I had the matching paper in my stash!  A quick embossing folder run-through twice, cut the YOU out, matted, layered, and I had a super-fast easy card – in a pretty dark purple!  You have to just love the BowEasy for making these teeny bows when you have chubby fingers like me.  😉

I ordered so many goodies last month that I have card-block.  I haven’t even started ordering the new SU! catty wishlist b/c I was so busy buying the clearance papers.  Who cares if it’s retired if it’s $4?  Not me!   I think it’s time to pull out some holiday papers and stamps and work on getting some of those started.  Usually I just shop for Christmas card supplies in July but I’m thinking I need to start actually stamping in July…

more with that cool paper

July 5, 2010

I cut out the little medallion from a scrap piece of the pretty paper, backed it on cardstock, and added a Kaiser pearl to the middle.  I popdotted it onto the card.  Stamp by CTMH, embossing folder by ProvoCraft.  Sentiment is heat embossed.

This is one of those that looks so much better in person but I’m too lazy to go try to take a different picture.  Punch by Martha Stewart, embossing folder by ProvoCraft.  Ivory 1/2″ wrinkled ribbon, Kaiser pearls, and Just Rite stamps all from Stamp Simply.

Card Musings: In General

July 3, 2010

In my 9th year of making cards, I still love it!  The cutting and glueing and stamping (or not) and embellishing just make me happy.  I think about card making a lot when I make cards.  For instance, it is one of my personal tenets that a card has to have at least 4 layers.  Too easy:  background and mat, focal point or sentiment and mat.  After a hellacious craft fair during the war when my patriotic Christmas card sold way too many orders and I stamped the same card so many hundreds of  times, I no longer make more than one card the same.  Well, I did for a few swaps but remembered the hundreds of patriotic Christmas cards and stopped doing swaps!  I also stopped doing craft fairs, lol.  That card is below.  This is the only pic I have of it – I don’t even have a real copy.  This was before clear stamps were around and I had to stamp and heat emboss each of the letters one at a time.  Agh!  Never again!

At the rate I’m going so far, I estimate that I will make almost 500 cards this year.  Not kidding.  I don’t show you all of them!  The funny thing is that that the people I have sent cards to this year number less than 5 so far.  Luckily, my extended family likes to give away my cards.  I get to do a fun hobby and they never have to purchase cards.  Works for us!  Sometimes cards turn out “Wow” and sometimes they hit they trash but mostly they fall somewhere in the middle.  I don’t claim to be a great card maker but I do know that I have accumulated a whole lot of card-making knowledge over the years.  And I’m still learning!!!

I love to hop around the different card blogs and love their masterpieces of art – but I usually don’t need a masterpiece card that costs $700 in necessary tools and gadgets and embellishments to make.  I need one I can get in the mail yesterday.  I try to only make cards that will fit in my envelopes.  No full size blooms on the front, no things sticking out on the sides, no 52 different Nestabilites stacked on top of each other.  I think their cards are pretty, I just have no interest in a card that can’t be mailed.  Once in a great while I will make one that needs extra postage, but rarely.

You have heard me say a lot that I detest A2 size cards.  That size is a demo size – so stamp company demonstrators don’t break the bank doing make and takes.  Somehow it became the standard card size in America and I don’t like it.  Too small and it seems like I’m being stingy with paper.  I went through a long phase of 5×7 cards in rebellion, but now I’ve settled into the comfortable A6 size (4.5x 6.25), which is a good size for me.  I did pick up two packs of cards and envies at Target last week by K&Co b/c I didn’t see their prices.  They were $15 each!  Guess I’ll be making that size for a while (4.25 x 6.25).  I should have asked!  I usually order envelopes from – they have regular paper envelopes in various sizes and colors.  Although I can, I don’t like making my own envelopes unless I have to.

My biggest criteria on a card is that the colors match – it’s a horror when they do not.  Sometimes my photos don’t show that they match exactly, but trust me, it is the one thing I am most obsessive about.  Luckily so many papers come in packs or pads now so the papers coordinate and it’s not too hard to find cardstock in my stash to match.  Papers have come a long way, baby, let me tell you.  So has cardstock.  Stamps seem to be getting worse.  Many stamps now look like a little kid drew it.  The whole reason I fell in love with stamping is b/c I could stamp and color things I can’t draw.  I also don’t like fonts that look like bad handwriting.  Just my opinion!

I have entirely too many stamp making supplies, mostly because I’m a total sucker for clearances and sales.  Back in the early days, when we were dog-dirt-poor, I used the back of a butter knife to score cardstock for my cards.  I used a black inkpad only and the kids’ Crayola colored pencils or cheap markers to color them.  You don’t need a lot of supplies to make cards.  If you don’t want to collect stamps there are a lot of good digital stamps out there or you can even take clipart from the net, de-color it in your photo software, print it, and recolor it for a card.  You already have cardstock for your cutting machine – a little deco paper and ribbon and you are good to go.  For my first year of card-making, I was so hesitant to give a handmade card.  I thought people would think I was cheap or cheesy – but they loved them and the feeling you get when someone likes one of your cards is inimitable.  That’s why cardmakers blog!

Anyway, I’ve probably told you all this before.  I was just finishing a card and came in to write all these thoughts down.  Someday I want to print out all the personal blog posts and have them bound as a diary of the last few years.  This is the kind of musing that I want to remember and that I want my kids and grandkids to remember.  Especially when I croak (hopefully not for a long, long time!) and they have to do something with all the collected junk in my studio!  I want them to remember the joy making cards gives me.  I loved scrapbooking and still like to digi-scrap but nothing comes close to the fun I have making cards.  Thank you for reading my blog and being nice about my endeavors!  Am back off to the studio to work on another card…



more of this awesome ribbon with cool paper

July 3, 2010

Before I had any of the colors of the 1/2″ wrinkled ribbon from Stamp Simply except Olive and Ivory, I made these cards.  I knew you could dye ribbon with dye ink pads…so I tried it with my Copic markers and it worked like a charm!  All the ribbon below started out as Ivory.  I found the coolest paper at HL – love the colors, love the design, and they had a brownish-gray cardstock that matched it perfectly.  I bought a ton of it, used it up, then went back and bought more!  When I went back they also had it in fallish colors.  Can’t wait to use it!  Oh, and it also matched perfectly the Sahara Sand (?) in the 6×6 paper pad that was a hostess gift for the SU! catalog that just ended.  I love it when things match like that unexpectedly!

Pearls by Kaiser, stamp unknown.

I think the stamps are by SU! – am not sure.

This one came out weird.  I loved the little clear stamp by Inkadinkadoo (so inexpensive!) and I popdotted and pearled the greeting.  It’s all one image so I stamped it twice on Sahara Sand, once on dark blue, then cut and reassembled.  I had already popdotted the main square onto a larger square and added the pearls when I decided that I wanted all the cards I was working on to be part of an A6 size set…so I had to add some diecutting to the sides.  It doesn’t quite work but it’s usable.

Border  punch by Martha Stewart, embossing folder by ProvoCraft, stamps by JustRite Stamps (which I ALSO buy from Sharon at Stamp Simply!  I just love her!)

Nothing much planned for today except to clean up the studio and maybe go ahead and start cutting papers for future holiday cards.  Maybe a good read and a nap instead?   I think both!   I love my new less-stress lifestyle lately.  It’s so nice to have time to do things without the constant worry of being behind on emails!

I can’t live without this 1/2″ wrinkled ribbon…

July 2, 2010

When Sharon at Stamp Simply started selling the 1/2″ wrinkled ribbon by the roll, I wasn’t too awfully thrilled…but she swore by it so I ordered one.  OMG, LOVED it and have since ordered rolls of all the major colors I use plus yardage of all the other colors.  She sells it in 5 yard bunches now, thank goodness.  This ribbon is so versatile – it is the first ribbon I go to to finish a card.  It is lightweight, so easy to make bows, and the olive green color is magic!  It matches any olive green cardstock I can pull out of my stash.  Not so much SU!’s Old Olive but definitely the Almost Artichoke, although I think the colors in the 6×6 paper stack by SU! in the card shown below is Old Olive and it matches perfectly in real life. 

This card was so easy.  Cut the patterned paper, cut out the tree top from another page, popdot it, mat, add ribbon.  TaDa!  I ended up with tons of these 6×6 paper pads from SU! after Sale-A-Bration and I use them constantly.

I like this card.  Everything is SU! except the Nestie, the pearls, and the 1/2″ wrinkled ribbon.  I can’t wait to show you more of the wrinkled ribbon tomorrow!

It’s cool here (mid 80’s!) today so we’ll be working outside again.  With the weather this week we’ve gotten a lot of our to-do list for outdoors knocked out!  No special plans for the 4th – Michael and I are usually apart on holidays so we  forgot to make plans!  We’re together this year so that’s celebration enough.  Maybe we’ll make brownies and have ice cream!  We’re both watching every calorie we eat but Sundays are free days where we get to indulge in a special treat.  I’m thinking brownies!  The watching what we eat is working – am down 4 of those nasty quitting-smoking-pounds already.  We’ve decided that I’m allowed to smoke a few a day b/c dieting is killing me (I am GROUCHY) but as soon as I get back into my pants comfortably I go right back on the patch.  When I do though, I’ll just have to keep watching what I eat and cut the redhots way way down.  And forget about any french fries or burgers or anything fried or ice cream for the rest of the summer if not longer.  <sigh>  I knew I would gain weight if I tried to quit smoking but I didn’t realize that I would gain so much!!!

Hugs to you and hope you all have a great weekend.  Stay safe!


LOVE these kid quotes stamps!

June 30, 2010

I love elegant stamps but sometimes the fun ones like the Penny Black critters and the cute sayings below are just too much fun to not stamp them!  Today is my bro-in-law Steve’s bday so the one below is going to him.  He doesn’t read my blog so I can show it.  Yes it’s his bday today and I haven’t mailed it yet.  It is ready to go out today.  Will only be a few days late which is better than my usual average!

Papers are by Paper Studio (Hobby Lobby) and SU! (one of the 6×6 stacks from recently).    Top card top punched border (Martha Stewart) on pop-dots, white twill ribbon and bow made with BowEasy.  Bottom card butterfly embossed diecut by SU!  Copic markers used for the little bit of coloring.

Hubby and I always laugh our tails off when we read these stamps at HL…and then I found a clear set with 6 of the quotes!  Affordable!!!  A little searching online yielded me another set with more quotes.  I love these stamps~  They are by Inkadinkado and I got mine at  You can also get them directly from the EKSuccess Inkadinkadoo website and they are on SALE!  I hope they make the rest of the ones they have on wood  into clear stamps b/c they are so awesome.